About Turkey


Bosphorus Strait - İstanbul / Turkey

The Bosphorus is the world's narrowest strait used for international navigation, it connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara (which is connected by the Dardanelles to the Aegean Sea , and thereby to the Mediterranean Sea ). Separating Rumelia (European side) from Anatolia (Asian Turkey), the Bosphorus is an important transport connection, although the waters can be hazardous and difficult to navigate. Graceful mansions line parts of the Bosphorus and Ortaköy Square is a great place to relax near the waterfront at one of the many outdoor cafes. The Maiden’s Tower was originally constructed in the 5th century BC in the middle of the Bosphorus and is a point of interest with a café and restaurant. There are numerous tours up and down the Bosphorus, some at dusk and include dinner. For those on a tighter budget, public ferries travel between the East and West frequently and for less than one euro.

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