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Alanya, Antalya / Turkey

We haven’t much information about the construction of this City which was called as “Cilicia” or sometimes as “Pamphyila”. It was once a home of pirates. Today very few architectural works, belonging to the Seljuk Turks only, survive. The Fortress which soars up in zigzagging belongs to the Hellenistic Period and a church in the Fortress is decorated with frescoes.

The most important buildings are ‘Kizilkule’ (Scarlet-Tower, 29 meters in diameter and 33 meters in height) and shipyard (57 meters in length and 40 meters in depth). This shipyard is consisted of five entablature departments. The walls were made from finelz-hewn blocks of stones, and arches and entablatures were made from bricks. The roof has windows-like holes in order to let the sun rays in. Castle-Mosque, Bedesten (Market-place), mosque of Sultan Aksebe, all belong to the Seljuk and Ottoman Periods. The remnants of the Palace of Sultan Kezkubat are over the hill near the Castle.

It began to be formed in the days of Cilicia. First the City was ruled by Lydia and later was conquered by Alexander the Great in the 4th Century B.C. Years later the City was called as “Pamphylia”. Sometime later it was captured by crude pirates. When Antonius from Rome had some relations with Cleopatra from Egypt, the City was mastered by the Romans. In the year 1471 it was included into the Ottoman Empire by Fatih, the Conqueror.

It is a region of banana, fruits and fish. Along the coastline there are excellent luxurious motels and the water is always warmed by the sun.

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